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St George Interior Decoration and Art Gallery of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and St George Gallery of Alexandria Virginia

“a unique Ethiopian experience”


St. George Interior Decoration and Art Gallery opened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1991 and was the first art gallery in the city.  From the very beginning, the mission of St George was to promote Ethiopian art and culture and to support and artists and crafts people throughout the country.  Although there are now many galleries in the city, St George remains the foremost gallery in Ethiopia and still offers the best in Ethiopian and African art and crafts.


St. George Gallery of Alexandria opened for business in December 2009 and, like the original gallery in Addis Ababa, features the best in Ethiopian furniture, art, jewelry, antiques, hand-woven textiles, books, and object d’art.



St George Gallery supports the traditional crafts of Ethiopia and both Galleries carry a wide range of hand made products, including beautiful hand carved and hand painted furniture designed by the Gallery owner, Saba Alene, and hand woven textiles including pillow covers, runners, shawls and place mat/napkin sets.  The two Galleries also carry a unique collection of designer jewelry, paintings by some of Ethiopia’s foremost artists, object d’art, Ethiopian crosses, handmade terra cotta pieces, books on Ethiopia and much more.


Items at both Galleries are a unique blend of traditional art and design and modern, functional pieces.  Fabric designs are variations on the traditional decorative border on dresses and the handcrafted furniture features many historical design elements while the jewelry utilizes old Ethiopian silver in modern designs.

St. George Interior Decoration and Art Gallery Addis Ababa is centrally located next to the Sheraton Hotel in an old Italian villa while the new St George Gallery is located in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. 
Please visit our Galleries and see the very best in Ethiopian art.


“To step into the St George Art Gallery in Addis Ababa is to feel that you’ve not so much entered a shop as a portal to another world.” – Gourmet Traveler


“The walls are for the artists, the windows are for the weavers, the tables for traditional arts and crafts and the floor is for my furniture.” Saba Alene, owner of St. George Gallery